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Buy the debut self-titled CD from STONEBENDER. The Classic, Iconic, High Energy 2009 Release! 

8 SONGS - Track Listing: 1. Need It 2. Bonediddle, 3. Inside My Head 4. Fortify My Eyes 5. Bushwack 6. Rain Down 7. Obey Yourself 8. Distorted


Nollie DeVol-Vocals, Johnny DeVol-Guitar, Dan Hulford-Bass, Paul Higgins-Drums

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StoneBender CD

  • Track Listing 1)Need It, 2)Bonediddle, 3)Inside My Head, 4)Fortify My Eyes, 5)Bushwack, 6)Rain Down, 7)Obey Yourself, 8)Distorted
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