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Band Bio

StoneBender is a Metal Rock band from Seattle, USA. You'll be drawn in by the energy of the meaty, guitar driven songs and commanding power rock vocals.

Band Members: Johnny DeVol-Guitar, Nollie DeVol-Vocals & Bass, Paul Higgins-Drums

Their style can effortlessly change gears from hard-edge with songs like Inside My Head and Need It, to beautifully crafted rock songs like Bonediddle & Rain Down. You may hear influences that range from Van Halen, Deep Purple, to Led Zeppelin.

Guitarist Johnny DeVol is best known for the internationally successful metal band, Culprit that dominated in the start of the Seattle Music scene in the 80’s.

At present StoneBender is gaining popularity across the globe and is getting ready to record the long-awaited 2nd CD

StoneBender has supported several National acts such as Michael Schenker Group, Extreme Guitar, Lynch Mob, Uli Jon Roth, Loudness, and more.

Meet StoneBender

Nollie DeVol-Vocals/Bass

Johnny DeVol-Guitar

Paul Higgins-Drums

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